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Aloha Lion’s Mane Extract 1 kg

Ok we’re looking at Aloha medicinals lion’s mane organic lion’s mane powder.

 this is real book this is 2.2 pounds or 1 kg of lion’s mane powder

 and because this is an Amazon affiliate promotion we can I give away the exact price of the powder we can just say that it’s reasonably good

 what such a large quantity The compared  it 2 I’m Om lion’s mane 100g product and essentially if you bought 1000 m Om 100g packages it would cost you less than buying one kg of Aloha   medicinals 1 kg product

  what is the purity of Aloha medicinals

 a promise that you’ll get 300 milligrams of polysaccharides per 500mg powder

 so they promise at 60%. Purity

  some mushroom powder products claim to have no fillers so it’s only powder of the active part of the mushroom however this product does not promise do you have no fillers

 impact on the packaging and says it may contain mycelium and some substrate as well as the entire mushroom 

They listed as mycelium primordial fruiting bodies and extracellular compounds are the ingredients as some as growing substrate

 so I think with that information we can say that there aren’t there is some filler I think mycelium is a filler if the mycelium does not have the active compounds desired in lion’s mane mushroom which is Hericium erinaceus

So in conclusion this product is good but it’s not ideal we would expect a bigger discount for the bulk purchase and again ideally we would wanted to be less fillers

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