Fortnite Edit: DataMosh & Video Sampling

This Video was compiled from samples Twitch Clips, Video Samples and Pictures

Some of the media is not protected by copyright


General Electric Refrigerator Commercial (1952)
Usage Public Domain

What’s Good about this video.

50’s acting

Black & White

It’s age it’s 1952. This may have been recorded with a VTR, we’re not sure what recording device was used in this commercial but, from our quick research, VTR’s were popular around the time of this commercials release in 1952

white noise

background noise and its effect on the Voices,

Hand Model: The close up of the lady’s hand using a knife can be used for its aesthetic. It is a specific shot so it can be used for abstraction.

Voice: The sweet voice of the lady. And the Trustworthy tone of the gentleman. There is potential for humor here, because no one speaks like this and our collective voice acting has changed so much. The voice acting here seems  pure and honest.


The Spot Flashes on the reeel.


Some of the is partially protected yz/5063571743

CC BY-SA 2.0

Hald Sandwich


Some is fully protected

Doc Dance

Shooting Hoops with Joe – “Fundamentals” (Ep 1 of 382)

Joe Pera

Gas Mask for my FPS video game (Torque Game Engine)


Fortnite NEW WORK IT OUT Dance Emote with NEW Skin AEROBIC ASSASSIN !!

Dr.Disrespect – Gillette (The Best A Man Can Get) By 199X [LINK IN DESC] v=9fWxCIi5PIw


Théo Tobole LY

Gremlins 2 greta fr

Additional Input

Datamosh Glitch Tutorial NO PLUGGIN [After Effects]

This tutorial shows the user to mosh to clips together to create a glitch.

I then repeated the steps for the next glitch transition.

Theswe clips played at these times’

workflow speed up technique

Repeat the datamosh clip for mulitiple transitions. The  first glitch is the most difficult to get right then your just copy paste effects onto your next couple of glitch clips

How does it fit into fair use.

Because of the current state of Video Game clips, this video does not have  harmful forseeable impact on any content creator. Twitch content is consistently posted on Youtube  without the creators explicit consent.

Some Twitch Streamers have been offended by the use of their content.

Ninja, the Fortnite Superstar, is ok with his content being used in compilations that have taken some effort.

Ninja is offended by uploaders using his face on any thumbnails.

Summit1g is not offended by the use of his content.

Grimmmz was critisized for his effort to bring consequence to someone who had used his content without consent

This video features Daequan, RakanooLive, CDNthe3rd and Dr.Disrespect

Regarding, samPling their content. The preference of each streamer is unclear.  They still own the copyright to their content. So they are within their rights to request their content, or derivative of their content are removed from the video.

If the removal request may be denied if the  copyright content is used in Fair Use, however, fair use is only certain after legal judgement.

Ie. Content created within the fair use guidelines can be contested up until, a legal authority deems the content, fair use.


An easy way to do this is copy paste the example tracks into your composition. And recreate the composition with your own two tracks.

Having the example tracks below the tracks you are working on makes it very to copy the structure and copy paste the effect controls, motion tracker, transform, time remap.