L-theanine: Facts & Benefits

The Essential Benefit List

Calming Agent | Alpha Brain Waves | Improve Sleep | Hangover Helper | Boosts Immune Function |

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Effects lasts 2-4 hours. Effects decline gradually after 2-4 hours

L-Theanine Starts working 30 โ€“ 60 minutes after consumption

Come down, manageable. Like Coffee or green tea. When you come down from a nice coffee, You are hit down by a wave of depression. L-Theanine is similar, you go back to baseline.

Tolerance: Poeple do build up a tolerance to L-theanine. When this happens L-Theanine effects are less impactful. Simply take a break. 3-7 day break.

Is L-theanine Safe to take regurlarly, Yes, as far as we know there have not been any outcry that L-theanine is dangerous. L-theanine is a product of Green Tea. Is Green Tea dangerous. No, unless, you drink a whole lot of it all the time.

L-theanine is an amino acid derived from camellia sinensis leaves combined with other natural supplements to promote calm and calming feelings.


Usually, L-theanine supplements are marketed in 200 mg doses, so if you drink 7 cups of black tea a day โ€“ or many more cups of green tea โ€“ you’ll get the same amount of amino acid you’d get by consuming 7.

1 โ€“ 3 Capsules 200 mg per day

L-theanine is tolerated very well. For a very long time, people have been drinking green and black tea without any health problems. Drinking too much tea can cause digestive upset or nausea in rare cases.

Party with L-Theanine

You can take a dose of L-theanine before drinking or partying, it will give you a relax feeling and potentiate the buzz of the alcohol. it may also be good for hangovers

Notice of food: Free to consume with alcohol.

L-Theanine has some evidence of being an effective method of hangover prevention as well as protecting the liver from alcohol-related damage.

You can take a dose of L-theanine before drinking or partying, it will give you a relax feeling and potentiate the buzz of the alcohol. it may also be good for hangovers

The Desired Alpha Brain Frequency

Alpha brain waves are the innovative brain waves that we could all take advantage of. L-theanine enhances the activity of the alpha brain wave, even at low doses of 100 mg.

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L-theanine is nootropic active. But there is a strong synergistic effect when paired with caffeine. This means you are experiencing increased focus, attention, and strength, as well as reduced stress and enhanced mental stamina to even higher levels.

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Extended use: Some diminished effect after 7 days of continual use. A break of 4 โ€“ 7 days can stave off tolerance.

I read somewhere online that taking L-theanine and caffeine together creates a state of focus and reduced anxiety……..

Before exams or quizzes, where I would usually notice my heart skipping a few beats or perhaps a little shortness of breath……

I just felt a sense of preparedness. It would indeed take the edge off of the caffeine…..

I decided to take 200mg ….

I looked back on everything I had learned that day…. I could almost create a ‘mental map’ of the lecture based on what I learned and at what time the professor had taught it


I have had severe anxiety for 15 years. Utterly crippling, and unaffected by any prescribed med. I was clean of all mood altering meds when I took the L-theanine.

I took 200mg L-theanine in evening before bed and anxiety dropped away in a half hour. I wasn’t euphoric at all, just free of anxiety. Made falling asleep so much easier. Slept deeply.

The next morning I did feel a little euphoric. Colors were brighter, scents stronger. I was so energized I went for a run. Exercise gave me a total buzz.


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