L-theanine is synthesised in tea plant roots and transferred to the leaves, which accounts for around 2 percent of the total dry weight of green tea leaves.

Work indicates that additional L-theanine crosses the blood-brain barrier within 30 minutes of ingestion and this can directly affect the brain.

  • Promotes a relaxed state without drowsiness
  •  Eases stress and everyday nervous tension
  • Promotes a positive mood and alertness  
  • May enhance cognitive performance and promote attention to detail  
  • Helps ease stress and everyday nervous tension

Alleviates feeling of Excitement.

It raises GABA levels and other relaxing chemicals in the brain. L-theanine increases GABA levels, as well as serotonin and dopamine levels. Known as neurotransmitters, these chemicals function in the brain to control feelings, mood, attention, alertness, and sleep, as well as appetite, strength, and other cognitive abilities. Rising levels of these relaxing brain chemicals help relax

Alpha Brain Wave

Higher levels of brain chemicals called “excitatory.” Around the same time, L-theanine often decreases levels of chemicals in the brain that are related to stress and anxiety, thus increasing chemicals that encourage feelings of calm. This could also be a way to protect L-theanine against stress and age-related damage in the brain cells.

Review – TallGuy775

“L-theanine is awesome stuff I’ve been using for ADHD / anxiety for a while. I’m out of all ADHD and anxiety medications. Let me correct a few things I’ve seen in other reports. #1 it’s NOT a medication. L-theanine is just an amino acid. #2 it reacts heavily with coffee and caffeine. Just be conscious. #3 find out the dosage. It’s not a prescription product.

I changed my metabolism downwards. I take it. I just take 50 mg of it a day. I’m just over 6 feet, and over 200 lbs. I get tabs for chance and I can cut them in half. Acts as a charm.

Review – KrillyCrab

I’ve read will help you control your feelings of stress and anxiety at work and at home. I was particularly surprised by how soon this product was fostering a feeling of relaxed relaxation. I think L’Theanine could become a drug that I can rely on to relax my mind and settle my emotions as I prepare for a good, restful night’s sleep.

Review – Benzo Guy

Getting 200 mgs in the morning and then again at night was perfect and now that I have begun to taper off my Clonazepam, I use theanine to cope with mild symptoms of withdrawal. It is what I am hoping that will actually get me off the benzo!! This stuff is amazing … for me. Just make sure you speak to your doc about tapering off some benzos before you do it yourself. Going cold turkey may be fatal.

Review – Database Developer

I am using L-theanine and I note some improvements, I use it every day before breakfast and it has helped me since I started using it. I am a Database Engineer and I need to focus heavily on complex codes and even solve complex problems. L-theanine gave me serenity and focus to carry on my work during the day. I experience a calming effect where fear disappears and my concentration on myself is 100 per cent higher

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