‘Myriad Mycology’ 456g 1lb or 16oz

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 myriad mycology 1 lb 406 grams or 16 oz

 so this is a good product I’m in terms of price per quantity and I we found a good deal for a 100 gram lines mean and we times that price by 4 and a half and it’s a prop approximately the same price per quantity

 this is a good powder because they only use the fruiting body and the mycelium they don’t add fillers is it good to use mycelium I don’t know I’m yet to learn

 but it’s good that they claim that is not fillers.  it looks like this company does not extract it’s just drying and grinding of the mushroom in a airtight sealed package.

 does mushroom is edible some people use it in cooking it not doesn’t necessarily need to be extracted for maximum digestion.  sorry it’s ok that it’s just the powder it’s just powdered mushroom that’s that’s not a deal-breaker that’s ok

  so this one is an easy one this is just wanted to safe buy.  good price per comedy no fillers there’s no mix in it it’s just lines mean easy pack

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