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Know Toxic Ingredients & Find Non-Toxic Detergent

I think it is good to know the names of a handful of toxic chemicals, call them red flags. When you are shopping for a detergent and you read the ingredients list, now you know some red flags to look out for.

If a detergent has a red flag chemical in it then I know it is not eco-friendly even if it is branded as eco-friendly or green.

In a  video of a presentation from David Steinman. The chemical 1,4 Dioxane is emphasized as a particular harmful and resistant toxin. It does not break down in sewer lines. It can not filtered out of with standard water purification system.

1,4 Dioxane poses a very real risk of entering drinking water, it has already been found in North Carolina’s Cape Fear River Basin qc91kU

1,4 Dioxane is present in mainstream liquid Detergents with the exception of ‘Sun’ Brand liquid detergent.

Steinman also warned we have to get a way from powdered detergent. Powedered detergents contain Phosphates and Sodium salts that make water non-recyclable.

1,4 Dioxane was measured in Parts per million.The list of mainstream liquid detergents that contained an unexceptable amount of dioxane are as followed.

ppm = parts per million

  • Tide 55ppm
  • Ivory Snow 31ppm
  • Tide Free and Clear 29ppm
  • Gain Ultra 21ppm
  • Cheer 20ppm
  • Era 14ppm
  • Wisk 3.9ppm
  • Woolite 1.3 ppm
  • All .6 ppm

Steinman goes on to reveal analysis of Brands Marketed as Eco Friendly. He said there was in fact hope, For the detergent toxicity problem. ‘Really good news’. He held up the ‘Ecos’ brand detergent and announced that it was exceptionally clear of 1,4 Dioxane. Non detectable amount– lLCSF4

So besides 1,4 Dioxane what other chemicals are dangerous? Other Harmful chemicals to watch out for


It continues, ‘At levels of 1000 ppm, which equates to 10% of the lower explosive limit [1% = 10,000 ppm], naphtha is immediately dangerous to life and health.’

  • Bleach – Reacts with organic substance ‘You’ to form a carcinogenic compound, gives us cancer.
  •  LAS – Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates Common Surfacant. LAS can make up to
  • 30% of a detergent to find out the harmful effects of this chemical watch from 2:03 – 3:30 nlngLz9JiTw
  • Nonylphenol ethoxylate – Banned in Canada, not banned in the US, Damage to fetal development – /watch?v=yZv8guz O0tU
  • Benzaldehyde can irritate the respiratory system creating cough and phlegm extra saliva production, although it is not a major short term danger as Benzaldehyde can be found in Vape eCigarettes rY

Interesting Side Fact, Benzaldehyde is also used to make meth j7ks


  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is widely used, in experiments, to irritate the skin. Then a skin healing product is graded based on how well it heals the irritation.

Beware of  Chemicals not disclosed in the Label. Learn to spot the Clues. Marketers have many opportunities to not list potentially harmful ingredients by grouping them under the umbrella term ‘Fragrance’


Now for the Hopeful note! Safe Detergent

Ecos results were clean no ingredients that pose a threat and it is not even dyed, *price is similar to mainstream. So how good is Ecos?

So David Steinman said he was especially hopeful after analyzing the the detergent brands committed to Eco-friendly/green laundry detergent.

He favored ‘Ecos’ and one other that unfortunately is difficult to see.

A typical Eco-friendly detergent on amazon boasts these qualities

  • Independently certified 100% biodegradable
  • For standard and HE Washers
  • Not tested on animals
  • Unscented, uncolored and hypo-allergenic; Phosphate Free
  • Works in both standard and high-efficiency (HE) washers, and effective in both cold and hot water

‘Ecos’ claims;

  • Will not fade color or reduce integrity of fabric
  • All natural 2X concentrated liquid laundry detergent cleans and protects your clothes
  • Made entirely from plants, with a built-in fabric softener
  • Ideal and gentle enough for baby clothes and delicate fabrics
  • Great for top loading and front loading machines
  • Free and clear of all fragrances

So this is great, ‘Ecos’ and products that exclude the same chemicals that ‘Ecos’ does are excellent for the progression toward toxin free washing.  David Steinman breifly said that ecos would work at the same level as toxic detergent and is available at the same price range. I’m not convinced that this is correct. Because the chemistry of toxic detergents are designed by chemists. To optimize effectiveness and affordability while battling in a competitive market. are so reliable at cleaning clothes because the detergent chemistry was . It is great that You and I live in a time when science can assist us in so many ways. Detergent is another example of short sighted problem solving. Our beloved scientist made detergents so good we thought they could make  dirt disappear. Collectively we are wiser and do not fall for ‘to good to be true’ as easily. I am really impressed at the collective push for a cleaner greener world. However this is likely a a reality to good to be true. Eco Friendly detergent is less powerful,
I assume, because those volatile nasty chemical in toxic detergent are powerful and potent.   I think there are number of stains, dirt, substances that toxic detergent can remove but Eco friendly can not. When finding the solutions to what the Eco friendly detergent can not clean.  That is when we will have to take a step deeper into the rabbit hole. Because there will be solutions different solutions, but, deciding which solution to employ will demand that you make the Eco vs. Toxic decision again. Will you decide to take the easy route and choose the toxic chemicals? Or will you take the Eco friendly route that involves, more work?  You might have to do another round of research, another change in shopping habit and another adjustment to your washing routine. Another potential solution to improve the strength of Eco friendly detergent is magnets. Laundry magnets cleaned by magnetic force and are marketed as detergent substitutes.  They can replace detergent but will not replace fragrance and spot removal. This is an alternative to standard washing.  ?v=2aqs1n4Hs0U Benefits of the magnetic cleaning system is that there is no need for the rinse cycle, no rinse cycle means major water savings.You place the water magnets inside the loader. There is a lot of skepticism around this because it is not common place and it sounds silly, who uses magnets to clean? I don’t know. But if these things have any cleaning value they may be an viable enhancement to Eco friendly washing practices. Magnets may the efficacy of Eco friendly detergent  Then solve the problem of fragrance. Choose an essential oil that is non-toxic and add to the wash load. The solution so far has three components;

  • Eco-Friendly Detergent
  • Powerful Magnets
  • Essential Oils.

  I have not yet done the research on Eco friendly stain removers, I am positively sure that they exist.  

Natural and High Efficiency Detergent

So I have some doubts that Eco-friendly will be as strong as toxic detergent, Because strong chemicals get the job done first, and then they burden the environment.

SO how would you improve the effeciency of an eco-friendly product?

My best guess is to build a tool kit of eco prouducts. Have the means to deal with every dirty situation in the laundry.

 When you decide to go eco friendly, it’s more work, it’s worth it. So how do we make the work easier less time consuming while staying in the Green.

We mimic the popular toxic products and find the best natural products that is design for the same function.

Eco-friendly detergent may not be strong enough to remove deep spots. So let’s look into natural spot remover products.

Natural products companies like to put out, unscented products because fragrances have got a bad wrap from the toxic product fragrance ingredients.

Surface tension, we know to improve water surface tension has something to do with a high effeciency detergent. How do we mimic that with a safe method?

This is the list of laundry products on amazon. is there a effecient natural products that mirrors the function of each sub-category listed here;

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