Re-Edit – Skateboarding in Traffic!

                                 Here is the AE project file link. Replace Footage with Your Own Clip: PixelSortProjectFile

 Simply replace the footage with your own clip. Three different Pixel Sort will be ready to render, PixelSort 0,1 and 2. Choose which you like best, use them all or tinker with the settings to create something different.
Tinker with the Displacement Map Effect Settings or with the CC Kernel and Tint Effects.
Displacement Map Effect Settings are listed under DisplacementMaps’X’
CC Kernel and Tint Effect Settings are listed under ‘PSx’KernelLayer’y’

If your clip is too short, the Pixel Sorts will cut to black, if that is the case then just stack  layers to fill the frames to 1:27 seconds or so

The Pixel Sort was made  using this tutorial fromWorkbench youtube channel