This article is written in the opinion that Dr. David Sinclair is the highest authority in regards to Resveratrol

Many of us were introduced to David Sinclair via the Joe Rogan Podcast.

David Sinclair daily Resveratrol dosage Half a Gram 0.5g

One year supply at 0.5g per day= 0.5g x 365 days = 182.5 g per year

NZ Resveratrol Dosage and Cost, Math 🙁

Screenshots from healthpost Solgar Resveratrol Listing

There is only 100mg of Resveratrol in each Vegecap, you would need to consume 5 vegecaps per day to meet dosage taken Dr. David Sinclair

Healthpost recommends you only take 1 or 2 vegecaps per day. This dosage may have some effect, We would rather follow Dr. Sinclair’s lead.

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However healthpost may recommend lower dosage for liability reasons or because they have different information.

Or they only recommend 1 or 2 Vegecaps per day because it will make the bottle last longer.

If you took David Sinclair’s dosage the Solgar Resveratol 60 Vegecap bottle would only last 12 days.

60 vegecaps / 5 vegecaps per day = 12 days

$39.40 every 12 days for one year. Cost per year = $39.40 x (365 days/12 days) = $1198.42

An example of a rip off.

Lol it was either a Rip-off meme or this, Check out this artists work here – littlebearshop

Choose your overpriced resveratrol from a broad range of brands.

This brand is the best of the locally available brands. Reasoning: 225mg Resveratrol payload. That more than double the Solgar at approx same price ( because it is on sale at

If the David Sinclair’s Dosage is the Goal, Then the Capsule form Resveratrol is not affordable!

Solution: Buy Bulk Powder!

Screen Capture from
Screen Capture from

Yes! Bulk Buying Resveratrol is Available in New Zealand.

And the Price is Good!
$89.90 for 250g that’s 500 days supply of Resveratrol

However we are made uncertain by 20% Trans-Resveratrol is that good? We think so but we may need to do more research

Good or Bad, it is the only option for buying local we know of so far

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We Know of a U.S Suppliers that ship Resveratrol Powder to New Zealand.

Screenshot from Bulk Supplements at

Shipping from the U.S can be expensive especially with USPS!

We recently heard of YouShop.

What is Youshop and how does it Work?

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